A French Quarter Mystery with a dash of paranormal, a pinch of history and splash of romance.

FLASH! Unbidden and unpredictable.

That’s what can happen when Echo touches objects and people. IFs – intuitive flashes. She’s inept at interpreting her bizarre dreams and her IFs may be erratic, but the French Quarter locals have adopted Echo and her Insight Foresight Benevolent Foundation as their resident sleuth.

It's the weekend of the Satchmo SummerFest. When a Jazz legend's house is demolished, the discovery of a 1939 newspaper photo and a silver key hidden inside a tarnished cigarette case triggers assaults, mayhem and treasure hunting. The Foundation follows a spider web of clues, revealing an unsolved murder at the root of the mystery.

Someone is obsessed with recovering the hand-tooled key Echo is safeguarding. Someone who wants the seventy-two-year-old secret to stay buried. Echo wrangles with making sense of old history, wacky dreams and nonsensical blues tunes while dodging and outwitting her adversary - until the menace escalates with a kidnapping. The ransom demand takes Echo on a chase through the French Quarter in a frantic search for the right keyhole.