I try to read this book most nights before going to bed, at least a few pages. Why? Because the human spirit gets beaten and battered each day and at the end of it, you need something to soften the blow. I read it to rekindle my hope in myself and my dreams. They are possible but sometimes life has a way of undermining them. I thank God that Joel has this book to put a smile on my face and heart each night. Dont expect to read this book cover-to-cover, as it is highly repetitive. You'll read the same ideas and themes in every few paragraphs, so even 2 or 3 pages per night is fine. Reading this book is to your soul and spirit what going to the gym is like for your muscle... a must. And if you get a chance to watch Joel on tv on Sunday mornings, I'll guarantee you that it's worth the 30 mins.