Focusing is a mind/body method of listening in a gentle, compassionate way to the innate wisdom of the body. Through Focusing, the client can deepen their relationship with their inner self, allowing their mind to provide images that reflect their emotions about a particular issue, situation, or experience.The author explains how Focusing adds a solid clinical framework to art therapy, grounding the image, imagination, and creative process in the body. She shows how Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy can be adapted to a variety of clinical populations, including those with severe psychiatric illness, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, life-threatening and chronic illness in order to cultivate acceptance and compassion towards self and others. Integrating theory, clinical practice, and guided exercises, this accessible book will be of interest to art therapists, focusing therapists, social workers, psychologists and counsellors, as well as trainers and students.It is also suitable for art therapists, focusing therapists, social workers, psychologists, mental health counsellors, marriage and family therapists, trainers and students in all of these areas.