It's been called the "Holy Grail of seismology," intimating that much like the sought after chalice, a solution will never be found. Yet as history has demonstrated countless times, what is declared as indisputably impossible many times turns out to be just dead wrong. At this writing, there are hundreds of studies being conducted, all over the world, investigating dozens of potentially useful seismic precursors. "Forecasting the Catastrophe" presents a different view than what many people think they know about earthquake prediction, and gives a plausible, compelling argument for how a rudimentary seismic advisory system for the US could be implemented-today, not tomorrow. Here is a scientific detective story with roots that go back to the dawn of history, and that range from Russia and China to Mesoamerica and back to the US and Canadian west coasts. Tens of millions have heard the message within this book in the media. It's not the latest sound byte, though; it's a call to action. To read or listen to many of the hundreds of media interviews with the author go to