In the last 30 years, daunting Formula 1 circuits like the old 14-mile Nurburgring and super-fast Spa road course have been altered beyond recognition, while others have been dropped from the calendar completely. Multi-million-dollar sponsorships, bland press conferences, computers, and space-age materials have displaced cheerful camaraderie, technical ingenuity, and sheer courage.Acclaimed motorsport photographer Nigel Snowdon has witnessed all of these changes, documenting in superb black-and-white photography the evolution of a motorsport whose essential appeal — a combination intense emotion and compelling drama — remains forever unchanged. In addition to an unrivalled portfolio of stunning action shots and portraits of top drivers from Jim Clark to Jacques Villeneuve, Snowdon presents intimate glimpses of Formua 1's human side, such as mechanics toiling to build the cars and drivers enjoying life away from the track.