This Kindle book includes: Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, Five Little Peppers Midway, Five Little Peppers Grown Up, Five Little Peppers: The Adventures of Joel Pepper, Five Little Peppers Abroad, Five Little Peppers at School, and Five Little Peppers and Their Friends. According to Wikipedia: "The Five Little Peppers book series was created by Margaret Sidney from 1881 to 1916. It covered the lives of five children with the surname Pepper. The series began with the Peppers in impoverished straits which they were eventually rescued from by a wealthy gentleman who took an interest in the family...Margaret Sidney was the pseudonym of Harriett Mulford Stone (June 22, 1844–August 2, 1924). She was an American author, born in New Haven, Connecticut. In 1878, at the age of 34, she began sending short stories to Wide Awake, a children's magazine in Boston. Two of her stories, "Polly Pepper's Chicken Pie" and "Phronsie Pepper's New Shoes", proved to be very popular with readers. Daniel Lothrop, the editor of the magazine, requested that Stone write more. The success of Harriett's short stories prompted her to write the now-famous Five Little Peppers series. This series was first published in 1881, the year that Stone married Daniel Lothrop. Daniel had founded the D. Lothrop Company of Boston, who published Harriett's books under her pseudonym, Margaret Sidney."