I read this book because I learned it was a sequel of Death row series, which I enjoyed. I shouldn't have bothered.

Peggy is an anthropologist working in her dissertation with the Eskimos in the Central Arctic. There she hears about the stone-dwellers, fierce warriors who kidnap women, but she believes it to be an Inuit legend.Until one day she is kidnapped by these Nordic-looking men, probably descendants of Vikings.

The world-building almost finishes here, and there begins the erotic book: from here on Peggy isn’t a clever woman, she becomes is just a lusty female, and the world built is just an excuse to have lots of sex with a gorgeous man. Let me illustrate this with the most ridiculous thing ever: the stone-dwellers live happily below earth, and the first thing that catches Peggy attention is that women are undressed. In the Central Arctic??? Just how many kilometers bellow earth are we talking about?
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