Four Pals Book Series (An Adventure with Friends who are Different) by Angel Tucker and Robert A. Rohm, Ph.D. are essential to creating a better understanding of the four personality types as well as showingchildren that it's okay to be different.

Four Pals at the Park is Book 1 in the series and highlights David who is the "Dominant D." David likes to be in charge and at times may seem a bit bossy.

Four Pals at the Zoo is Book 2 in the series and focuses on Iris who is the "Inspiring I." Iris is optimistic and outgoing, but can be a little forgetful since she's always in a hurry.

Four Pals at a Party is Book 3 in the series and teaches readers about Summer, the "Supportive S." Summer loves to help others and is pleasant to be around. Sometimes she struggles to make decisions.

Four Pals in Science Class is Book 4 in the series and describes Charlie, the "Cautious C." Charlie likes to maintain a routine and pays close attention to detail. Charlie also asks a lot of questions and is comfortable being alone.

Parents will learn a lot about the varying personalities enabling them to better understand why their children act in certain ways thus, helping their children thrive in the personality God has given them. Children will take pleasure in each of the books in The Four Pals Book Series and have fun discovering which character they most resemble.