A fun compilation of the wild vitality of early superhero comics. Batman and Robin treat crime fighting like some grand game, wisecracking as they throw themselves into action and shrugging it off when they catch a blow to the head or are pitched down into a death trap.

Bob Kane's thick, inky art is really lively, always seeming to catch the heroes in action (and rendering the villains as different kinds of weird grotesques).

The stories are pretty similar. Some feature villains still popular today—the Scarecrow, the Joker, Two-Face. Others introduce a crime lord with a theme: a judge who offers licenses to commit crimes, a doctor of crime, the quarterback of crime, etc. The arc of each story is pretty similar—a clue, a crime, fisticuffs. But I enjoyed the energy that's poured into these pages.

As a side note, we also see the revamp of Bruce Wayne's famous butler as Alfred goes to fat camp to shift from being a roly-poly, bumbling sort to the streamlined helper we know today. Although he's still trying to solve crimes as the volume ends...not sure how long that goes on.