This book show you how to train a new puppy to pee and poop where YOU want him to unload. That's OUTSIDE THE HOUSE.

Every new puppy comes fully loaded with half a pint of pee each day. That's entirely natural. But where he unloads it depends on you.

Until he is trained otherwise, he will unload his pee and poop where he stands when the thought occurs "My bladder is full. I'll pee right here and now."

But within ONE WEEK you can train your puppy to hold on. Then he will pee and poop where you show him it's OK to go, outside your house. That's what this book guarantees will be the outcome. Yes, a full 100% guarantee.

This book scores 5 stars on the Satisfaction-O-Meter. The training information came from dog owners, petshop owners and animal vets.

Allow one hour to read and fully understand the training techniques. A bright child can master this. But dogs can't read, so the responsibility falls to you. Don't worry, it's a fun process. Here's why . . .

Your dog actually WANTS to please you. He wants to pee and poop in places where you will praise him. He wants to hear you say "Good dog. Here's your treat."

If you download now you can start training your dog tonight. Say "No More" to dog pee on the carpet and dog poop in the wardrobe.