Fuzzy Navel

1 ½ oz. peach schnapps (Fuzz)
3 oz. orange juice (Navel)

Pour schnapps in a rocks or old-fashioned glass filled with ice.Add orange juice.

Teatotalers:For a Buzzless Navel substitute peach nectar for the schnapps.

Fuzzy Navel

J. A. Konrath

Kindle Edition:January 2013

Fuzzy Navel is the fifth (5th) book in Konrath’s Jack Daniels series.The protagonist for the series is Lieutenant Jacqueline (Jack) Daniels.Jack is a detective for the Chicago Police Department (CPD).She has handled a number of major homicide investigations.

Jack currently lives with her mother in the suburbs of Chicago.According to CPD regulations she is supposed to live in the city.However, she makes the drive to the city which is a chore because of the distance.She and her mother also live with their “psychotic” cat Mr. Friskers.

The story takes place of an eight (8) hour time period, but a lot can happen, and did, in that short time.While responding to a crime scene to investigate a shooting Jack gets a second call to another shooting.While at that crime scene she gets a call to another shooting.There are three sniper attacks within minutes of each other.

To make matters worse an old nemesis Alexandra Kork has escaped prison and is looking to get even for their past meetings.

A lot of action and humor occurs in a short period of time.