An easy to read guide on how you can think like a Genius. If you have everwanted to bring more success into your own life, or just wondered what it takes to become a Genius this eBook is for you.

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“I never get tired of being useful.”-Leonardo da Vinci
The Genius mindset understands the need to create and give away massive amounts of value, and doing this freely without expectation of reward. Thinking like a Genius does not mean living a life of isolation; it instead embraces our lives with others, and then makes a point of being someone who is always giving of their time, energy and talents.

Changing our attitudes and actions so that we think of others is a significant step toward thinking like a Genius. There are many rules in regard to treating others: treat them like you want to be treated (the famous golden rule). But I want to try and move this debate toward a more developed conclusion; the “platinum” rule states: “Do unto others as they would have done unto them.” and this is closer to how the Genius mind thinks. Because the Genius finds what other people wants, and then works to give this to them; this is how to be “useful” as Leonardo understood it.

Through our lives people tend to go through stages of interactions with others, the first stage is being dependent-this is when we are young, and need food, shelter and love. The next stage is to be independent, and being able to support ourselves-there is still exchanges, interactions with others-but the individual here learns how to manage to get by alone, this is the move through puberty and into adulthood. After this we move fully into being an adult, developing quality interdependent relationships, existing in networks of giving and sharing in our lives so that we can support and build on one another’s happiness.

To think like a Genius you need to take this interdependent stage further, to a final, evolved state where you endeavor to give to others value-that is, what they define as value-as much of the time as possible, and without the expectation of anything in return.

Adopting this mindset will move you powerfully toward becoming a Genius. In the initial sense it is a very altruistic and loving way to live; you will feel emotionally powerful and happier by adopting a lifestyle that does this. But also consider that there is a tremendous amount of good that will flow back into your own life if you adopt this mindset.

Looking for the return value back into your own life arguably negates the altruism, but that is a long philosophical debate we won’t get into here. Whatever stage of integration your morals and philosophy have in regard to this is your own issue, all I suggest is that you try this mindset and mode of living. If you do so you will think like a Genius and bring rewards to others as well as to yourself.

The first reason that giving value all the time is a good thing for you is that it is the fastest, and healthiest way to create financial abundance in your own life. Think what you will about capitalism and the state of the world as it is, if you can change how you think and interact with the world-so that you give away as much value to others as possible-then you will eventually become very wealthy.