Summer break is nearly here and our "city girl," Greta can't wait to spend a whole month on the farm with Granny and Grandpa. In the weeks before school ends, Greta spends time getting ready for her long awaited adventure. One afternoon her excitement turns to worry when Dad, a sweet, somewhat mischievous individual, pulls a prank on her mom . . . but to Greta it feels very real. The phrase "getting momma's goat" isn't so funny to Greta, and it's a saying that really bothers her, especially when grandpa can't wait to get granny's goat! Somehow she has to make sure grandpa doesn't succeed. A hard-working farmer and God fearing man, Grandpa loves his family and wants to make their dreams come true but when he mentions "getting Granny's goat!" Greta worries her dream could quickly become a nightmare! Family is important to Greta and she learns lessons in loving others and not to judge people's intentions too quickly. Along with gratitude and responsibility, Greta's key life lesson involves understanding how our words affect others and who she can trust.