The Write Stuff is actually the third book in the series LOVE LETTERS. Each book in this series has its own characters, and these characters are book specific and do not continue in any of the other books. When I read this book I did not know it was the third in the series, but enjoyed that it was written for first time readers of the series.

The story revolves around a senior named Hannah, her best friend Rachel and the new boy in town, Dylan. Hannah is very athletic and has always been surrounded by boy friends all her life. However, she has never had a boyfriend. Rachel is the school's official "It Girl", and she has never been without a boyfriend. Dylan is the new boy in school, who moved to Colorado from London.

The first time Hannah and Dylan meet, Hannah believes she has found just the right guy to date. As they begin talking and discussing similar likes (i.e. their love of horses - Hannah owns a horse and works at a stable - and their love of the outdoors - Hannah loves rock climbing and belongs to an outdoor group, which Dylan decides to join), it is time for class. In the lunchroom, they again start talking with the guys Hannah knows from her outdoor group. As they are talking, in walks Rachel. Dylan is instantly smitten with Rachel's stunning looks and beauty.

Dylan sends an e-mail to Rachel to introduce himself. Rachel, who is not that literary, asks Hannah to help her. Hannah writes a series of heartfelt e-mails to Dylan. Dylan thinks they are from Rachel and believes he has found the girl for him - but actually it's the writer he is falling in love with.

Dylan and Rachel have a first date at the football game. Rachel asks Hannah to come with to help her out with the words that Hannah wrote to Dylan. Hannah is enjoying herself until Rachel points out that she and Dylan are on a date. Hannah goes home alone, and feeling terrible.