Curvy girl Kat Koile has known Josh Murcek since she was twelve. He's her brother's best friend, the boy who tutored her in algebra and taught her to tie cherry stems with her tongue. He's also the first man to ever tie her up, tie her down, and teach her how to submit.

Kat knows Josh's secret now— he's a South River Dom and with all her heart she wants to be his. So when he breaks her heart into a million, billion pieces, she's not sure she'll ever be able to put them back together.

Josh badly wants to teach Kat about passion and submission, but pulling her into his world of Domination, pain, and control is out of the question. She has never been with anyone whose cravings are as dark as his, and if he has any say she never will. He'll do anything to protect her, even if it means losing her.

But if Josh won't teach her to kneel, she'll find someone who will.