Glory Alley, a girl rock collector with serious family problems, sets out to find a priceless stone. Just as her dreams are about to come true, aliens with supernatural powers get in the way. A battle of wits versus magic ensues, unraveling the order of the universe. Only Glory can put things right again, but does she even want to?

Recommended Age Range: 10 to 110

* * * * * * * * *

"This story is definitely at the top of the list of Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. The author draws you into a realistic dramatic family life with a little fantasy on the side. This crazy family will make you appreciate your own." ~D.R. at Ebook Review

"Glory Alley isn't a wizard, she doesn't slay vampires or zombies, but she kicks butt in her very own way. Her weapon is never giving up. Glory rocks!" ~Nicole from CO

"If you are into science fiction or fantasy books, this tops them all." ~ DB at Ebook Review ~

"A dark journey into the great unknown. It made me laugh, made me cry, and kept me guessing until the end." ~Kerry from IN