The 2nd edition of God, Marriage, and Family by Andreas Kostenberger (first edition was published in 2004) adds several sections to this jam-packed theology book on all things family as the challenges to the Bible in these areas continue to change quickly. God’s Word hasn’t changed on these topics, but the ways in which believers must apply the Word is becoming increasingly confusing these days. Homosexuality, for example, is gaining acceptance even among many in the church, many using the Bible to support this acceptance. Believers must know what the Bible says, how it’s arguments and commands are constructed, and then be able to proclaim and defend these truths in matters of the family.

This book is a shield against the attacks against the biblical family.

Methodically walking through the different topics (marriage, sex, family, birth control, singleness, divorce, homosexuality, etc.), Kostenberger presents the biblical picture from both the Old and new Testament. At times forceful and no doubt alienating some with his blunt confirmation of the Bible’s stance on certain issues, he nevertheless speaks with both authority and love for God and people. He doesn’t sever the discussion of these issues from people, and realizes the impact of the biblical commands in these areas.

Much has already been said about this book, and it went into a 2nd edition for a reason. It’s simply the most thorough (and thoroughly biblical) treatment of these topics I’ve ever seen. The traditional family is under constant attack, and many times, the arguments seem appealing in certain areas. We need to be grounded in the truth of the Bible, understanding that God designed things to work in certain ways for our good. This book will help many (in addition to the many it already has) to defend not just “traditional values,” but God’s values and his Word. I would highly recommend this resource.