Got fired? Satisfy your urge to set something ablaze with a Flaming Diablo. Heinous meeting? Plunge into a Death in the Afternoon. Gained weight? Forget the club soda—embrace those newfound pounds with a Butterball. The reality is, when the day really sucks, forget all the ways you might rise above it—you have the right to wallow in it. Tell yourself your problems, give yourself some much-deserved sympathy, and make another round on the house. Soon you’ll be your own best bartender, the one who can really cure whatever ails you. In this book you’ll find more than 50 delicious antidotes for everyday disasters, handily organized into recipes for Work, Love, Home, and Life in General. Drinks range from a basic whisky sour to a champagne cocktail, and recurring "From Bad to Worse" bursts offer suggestions for an added alcoholic kick when things get really bad.