Strength is said to be found in numbers but when personal tragedy strikes all that matters is the direction you turn. Everyone struggles through the loss of a loved one. For Jay Danek, it was the unexpected loss of his father at the age of 58 on 9-23-2008. Jay sought solace in running to get closer to his father. To honor his dad, he set out to run 923 straight days. Jay learned to curb his negative behavior through positive experiences. His journey took him from life as a 275 pound non-runner, suffering through depression, anxiety, weight gain, and anger, to 100-mile ultra-marathons through the mountains. "Walking was questionable in Jay Danek's mind as a young boy, running and athletics were out of the question. His story of overcoming obstacles and becoming a great runner is compelling an inspirational following him through a remarkable transformation. It's not only a tribute to his father but a tribute to what we all are capable of." Marshall Ulrich - author of "Running on Empty"