It should come as no surprise that David Foster Wallace's archive at University of Texas' Harry Ransom Center contains Wallace's annotated copy of Amazons. (The Harry Ransom Centre is also home to Don DeLillo's archive). Wallace was a huge fan of DeLillo and the two corresponded by mail. The thing that immediately stood out to me about Amazons is how strong an influence it must have been on Wallace's first novel, The Broom Of The System. Some of the dialogue here is strikingly similar and the rational and overwhelmed central female protagonist, Lenore Beadsman, struggling through a world of neurotic men in Wallace's novel seems heavily based on Cleo Birdwell and her many suitors.

This is an excellent book, laugh-out-loud funny, and the best of the five or six DeLillo novels I've read. It's a shame that such a comic masterpiece has been out of print for almost 30 years. If you can find a copy, pick it up. Especially if you're a DFW fan.