A nice romantic and unusual story set in Victorian era in the forests of Venzuela.Interesting narrative, a bit difficult to get into, however it's worth it if you are patient.

I am actually revising this review.After being done with this book after a few days, I realize that I am still thinking about it and when that happens, I need to re-evaluate my feelings.

I think I finally get this story.This is about nature vs man, Rima is our representation of nature.SHe is everything beautiful, innocent and pure.Her relationships with all around her, including man is how it should be for everyone.However, man's ignorance and greed and corruptability know only how to do one thing well and that's destroy and kill all beauty around them.We see it everyday with logging companies destroying our forests, animals go endangered or extinct due to the man's destruction nature.Our oceans are full of pollutants and we kill for profit daily with corporate machines.This is a story of man told in it's simplest, most heartbreaking way.

Highly recommend.