This sequel to Gypsy Breynton, didn't engage me as much as the first book did.It is an overly drawn-out version of the cheerful country cousin vs. peevish city cousin narrative (no spoiler to say that the country mouse always wins).At one point, for no discernible reason, the two girls are taken by Gypsy's father from Vermont all the way to Washington DC despite the fact that the city is overrun with soldiers (the Civil War is on).They have hopes of seeing Lincoln in person, which they do when they attend his church on their Sunday in Washington.They are impressed by how kind and good he looks, and how human he is in laughing when Gypsy trips and falls down in her pew.I can only assume that this is Phelps doing an "Oh Captain, my Captain" type eulogy, wholesome domestic fiction style.The book was published in 1866, a year after the assassination.