Live for today...
Tomorrow isn't a promise.
This is the motto of Bryant and Rose's relationship, especially considering the roller coaster they've been through over the past few years.
The problem is, neither of them took into consideration the past they tried to keep hidden.
Until it's too late.
Soon they both realize they are being suffocated by the secrets of their pasts they have kept from one another. When the past collides with the present, it becomes the ultimate test to their relationship with more people hoping it fails, than survives.
They must rely on each other like never before as they fight to survive the secrets they now regret keeping from one another. While tomorrow isn't a promise, with the past waging a war, Bryant and Rose may not be able to survive—even today.


Skeletons always have a way of coming out of the closet, and secrets never remain that way. Rose and Bryant's past is about to wage war, are you ready?