5th-6th grade (independent reading)
Nancy Drew is at it again!The author of these paperback series makes the books such an exciting read.Keene leaves every chapter with a cliffhanger, wondering what will go on next.One example of a cliffhanger in this book was when Nancy was pushed over the edge of a bullpen leaving her at the mercy of one of the toughest bulls in the rodeo.The cliffhangers lead to a book of suspense, leaving the reader to wonder what was going to happen next.The book is the perfect size for the grade level indicated above.It has enough negative space outsie the page to let the readers eye's rest when they need it.The font is just the right level for an experienced reader in the 5th or 6th grade.The vocabulary in the book is just advanced enough for this age group to push themselves slowly.Any reader who is into suspense and a good mysterious, realistic fiction read will enjoy this book.....or any book in the Nancy Drew series.


Students could expand their knowledge on wild game, exotic animals, or various forms of livestock.