"Janson's History of Art" is one of the most famous art book which includes detailed overview of Western art, its technique and styles, not only listing all of historically significant pieces of art but write a story about their interconnections, a styles history and stylistic changes.

Although its must read for all students of art, it's probably the best book that can be recommended for art lovers who will during its reading learn a lot about the Western paintings, sculpture and architecture - from the Prehistoric Art, Middle Ages, Romanesque and Gothic, the Renaissance, Baroque and the Rococo, to the Realism, Impressionism and the Post-Modern era.

After Janson's death in 1982, this seventh edition of his famous book introduced the authorship of six art specialists who are narrating the history of art. Due to the contribution of several expert authors each and every part of the book is characterized with a currency in art historical thinking resulting is a completely meaningful and powerful presentation of Western art.

You can't miss with this one with its references to any important piece of art made in last several thousand years. "Janson's History of Art" is absolutely recommended for maybe a few art professionals who didn't read it until now but also for all art enthusiasts.