Just the thought of some beautiful honey taking on two men is enough to send all of us over here at Hot Days and Scorching Nights Erotica Publishing into fits! Here are five scorching tales of hot honeys who need more than one man to really be filled up!

1. Two Boys at the Bakery: A Reluctant First Anal Sex MMF Erotica Story by Bree Farsight

Marissa is having a hard time making ends meet since her jerk of a husband left her. She tried working at a strip club, but her father found out and ended that. Now, she works hard at the bakery, but sometimes long hours means mistakes. Unfortunately for her, one mistake lands her right between two men who have their own ideas how to punish her, a scorching double team sex encounter with first anal sex!

2. Double Team the MILF! An MFM Threesome Sex Erotica Story by Maribeth Simmons

Jan is working very late, and the paperwork just doesn’t ever seem to end. Fortunately, she has two guys helping out, and it doesn’t bother this sexy MILF one bit that the two of them are handsome young men. When the long hours make her dizzy and she almost faints, Mike is right there to catch her, and before long it isn’t the hours making her lightheaded! Instead, it the scorching double team office sex!

3. Bent Over By the Night Managers: A Very Rough MMF First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Callie Amaranth

Jeanne is in trouble. Business at the bar has been slow, and if she doesn’t get money, she won’t make her rent. She’s not proud of herself, but she guiltily steals a bit of money from the till. It’s too bad for her because the night managers saw her, and she has to choose between losing her job of doing something else to earn the money. In this case, something else means a very rough double team sex encounter and her very first anal sex!

4. The Stripper Bent Over: A Rough MMF First Anal Sex Erotica Story by Rita Feldspar

Blake is struggling to make ends meet. Hand jobs in the lap dance rooms have slacked off since the economy slowed down, and to make matters worse, a bunch of foreign strippers are willing to give it away a hell of lot cheaper than Blake. As if that wasn’t enough, the bouncers want in on the action. Only they’re not satisfied with a bigger cut of the money. Matt and Tristan want more. They want her to take their monstrous cocks right into her throat. They want her pussy, too. Even more importantly, they want to see her bent over and taking a giant shaft right in her ass. Tonight, Blake pays the staff with anal sex!

5. Ink: A Very Rough Double Penetration Erotica Story by Dominique Angel

Sailor and Mike were like two Greek gods, but wicked gods with an edge that thrilled me, frightened me, and kept me touching myself through endless nights of fantasy. They were working on an enormous tattoo for me, and that meant I had to show a lot of skin. Then it happened. One day, my fantasies got the best of me, and when they were preparing me for the needle, I moaned like a whore! It wasn’t just embarrassing, though. It was just the excuse these two men needed to take everything they wanted from me in a very rough threesome that included not only giving up my ass, but doing it when my pussy was already full!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various mff threesome sex encounters. It includes stranger sex, reluctant sex, rough sex, first anal sex, double team sex, office sex, double penetration, and deepthroat. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.