By all appearances, Jess has a perfect marriage. Her husband Dan is gorgeous, loving, devoted, and more than capable in the bedroom. But Jess has always felt like there's something missing, some desire that he can't quite fulfill.

When she meets the handsome but strangely aloof Angelo, she is instantly drawn to him. He leads her down a path of submission and tantalizing sexual denial that opens her eyes to one simple truth: sometimes, it's better not to get what you want.

But as her attraction to Angelo grows, she is faced with an impossible question. How do you choose between the man you love and the man that knows just what you need?

Warning: This book contains explicit sex scenes and an alpha male with a penchant for teasing until you beg. It is intended for people aged 18 and older.

Note: This is a novelette sized slice of erotic fiction of approximately 10,700 words. It is not a full length novel.