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Being an “idea man,” I have always loved a challenge. But, a young man once presented me with a challenge that almost proved to be my undoing.

The young man, a friend of a friend, came to see me in my office. Our mutual friend had told him that, if anyone could help him solve his problem, I probably could. After introducing himself, and seating himself in front of my desk with a hot cup of coffee, the young man voiced his problem.

He was out of work. The company he worked for closed their doors. He hadn’t worked for them long enough to be eligible for Unemployment Benefits. His total bankroll was only $10. He desperately needed to raise $1,000 within 30 days to pay-off some bills, while he continued to look for a job.

At first I thought the problem was completely and totally impossible to solve. But, the young man was so sincere, I decided to accept the challenge and see if I could come-up with a solution.

It took me 3 days of intensive thought to come up with the solution – but, within 30 days, the young man had raised over $1,600 instead of just the $1,000 he needed. And, he was well on his way to raising $2,000 for the next month. I really couldn’t believe my solution to his problem had worked that well.

When I first began considering this young man’s problem, I laid it out this way: “I have to turn almost nothing ($10) into something ($1,000) within 30 days. How would I do it if I were in this young man’s shoes?”

Then, I added the “basic ingredient” of ALL businesses: “I have to sell something to someone.” (Whether you want to accept it or not, that IS the only ingredient necessary to having a business.) But, where could I find something that would cost less than $10 and sell for $1,000. My head kept saying, “it can’t be done,” but my ego kept saying, “I’ll find a way.”

...and find a way he did!!

You won't believe how simple and doable this quick technique for making some "getaway" money is. And by "getaway" we mean to help you "getaway" for a long overdue vacation or "getaway" from some nagging bills.

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