One of the huge headaches in life is how to stay organized. This is especially true when it comes to places in your home where you can “hide” stuff out of sight. Like closets.

It’s far too easy to say, “I’ll just put this in here for the time being, and when I get the time I’ll get it more organized.” Yeah, right. Somehow, for me at least, that time never seems to come.

I got fed up with spending so much time just trying to find something that I tucked away – just for a little while – and then not being able to easily find it when I needed it. ENOUGH!

This little book is the result of figuring out how to get and keep the closets in my home (house or apartment) reasonably organized. I say “reasonably” because I’m not perfect and odds are that neither or you. There’s not much time these days to go all “Martha Stewart” in an attempt to have perfect closets. But it should sure help you to move in the right direction – hopefully without making you crazy!

Here are a few of the chapter titles for you:

Getting Started
Your Clothes Closet
Seasonal Clothes
The Coat Closet
Organizing Your Linen Closet
Organizing Your Pantry
Helping the Kids Stay Organized
Closet Organizing for Couples
Storage Closets
Closet Organizing on a Budget
Buying a Closet Organizing System
Types of Custom Closet Organizers
Hiring a Pro
Closet Organizer Software