"How to Talk Tennis" hits an ace right down the line every fan who enjoys playing, watching, and talking about tennis stars are profiled, and the colorful terms defined here will have every reader talking a better game.Starting out with an illustrated lexicon that ranges from ace to zip zip, the origins and meanings of the particular language of tennis-backscratch, deuce, love, follow through, poach, seeding, set, sudden death, sweet spot-are brought together in a comprehensive glossary. You'll learn whether his or her forte is "knicking the line" or playing a "dropshot." Anyone can sound like a pro, describing how "a cannonball" will "jam the receiver' provided the player doesn't commit a "foot fault" and lose the "advantage."

Next, you'll learn the origins of some classic nicknames used to describe a number of distinct players, including Jean "The Bounding Basque" Borotra, Boris "Boom-Boom" Becker, Rene "The Crocodile" Lacoste, John "The Brat" McEnroe, Ilie "The Nasty" Nastase, James "Jimbo" Connors and many others.

"How to Talk Tennis" is a fast and entertaining read, bound to help anyone who aspires to being well-versed in tennis trivia and terms.