Andy is a young motivated pastor in a city church. He just finished preaching a sermon on new beginnings, when he overheard members critiquing his message. The church is in for a complete over-haul in the word of God, going, deep down, into mythology, and astrology. Andy is taken away into the spirit, and God reveals deep hidden truths, that the church is unable to hear. During this vision, Andy faces issues within the church, with a teenage boy named Andrew, and a rude elderly lady, named "Sassy Sally." This book is full of truth about you, hidden in the symbols of mythology. This writing will be very engaging to the one who enjoys seeking out the message in mythical stories finding the manna throughout. Learn that the bible is full of allegoric stories, Galatians 4:24. Speaking of fictional characters like Abraham and Sarah. Robert Sullivan was born, in northeast Ohio. Robert realized he was different, found alone speaking to God, much of the time. God taught truths to Robert that others reject, things very contrary to the norm of church traditions. The inner Robert is found in the allegory story of this book.