In the high brown waste between the lands inhabited by civilized men and the Walls of the World live three brothers. One is tall, one is short, and one is...peculiar.

When their family home is destroyed by a spherical object that falls from the sky, the brothers are tasked with returning the device to its maker. For in the side of the device are etched the words:

"Please Return to Grand Wizard Suleiman Ibn Bint, Thaumaturge Royal, Initiate of the Temple Beyond the Abyss and Repository of Dark Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, Draconis Volvendum, Hafocynedom. Deposit Payable On Return."

Their journey will take them into strange lands where people roof their houses with the crops they eat, to the top of the very highest mountain in the kingdom, to the seat of royal power itself. Yet even that power has enemies both internal and external that seek to destroy it.