"Get a bigger flute!" "Increase ur Size! 6" "Don’t walk with tail between your legs." "V|agr.a, C|a.li5, and Phen.term.|ne CHeep!!"

Was the Kama Sutra the original idea for spam email?

"Take pomegranate and cucumber seeds, extract the juice of elabāluka (eluva, Gisekia pharmaceoides) and bhatakataiyā (Solanum indicum, eggplant). Cook in oil over a low heat. Use it to massage the penis. It will remain swollen for six months."
...It didn't sound so bad until I got to the last line...

"Ram's or he-goat's testicles boiled in sugared milk increase sexual prowess."
...Can I have some more Rocky Mountain Oyster Pudding, grandma?

"If a man anoints his penis with datura, black pepper [maricha], and long pepper [pippalī], crushed and mixed with honey, its use will allow him to bewitch and subjugate his partners."
...Or at least cause them to be doubled over in fiery pain.

Once you're done mucking about with spicy peppers, priapisms, and testes, why not try this ancient recipe:

"By rubbing one's hand with the excrements of a peacock, which has been made to take haritāla [yellow myrobalan] and manashilā [red arsenic], everything one touches becomes invisible."

Okay, in an attempt to save you, Dear Reader, a ton of time may I present:

All You Will Ever Need To Know About the Kama Sutra*
1) There are no pictures in the original Kama Sutra, much to the chagrin of reviewers on Amazon.
2) For the naughtiest parts, go straight to Chapter Six
3) You aren't going to learn any new tricks unless you're a sweet, innocent teenager.
4) The Kama Sutra is extremely repetitive. (This explains my low-ish rating - I'd probably put it at a 2.5. And those stars are just there for the aforementioned chuckles at the insanity. Ancient people were batshitcrazy. It's a miracle we're still around.) There is a good reason for the repetitiveness - as a teaching text, a student is supposed to read the original with enlightened commentary. Unfortunately this translation includes 2 extra commentaries after every paragraph. The translator even apologizes in the intro for its "maladroitness." Even with good reason, doesn't make it fun to read.
5) A lot of the advice is violent - scratching, slapping, bleeding, etc.
6) The Kama Sutra wasn't exactly written by Vātsyāyana - he collected the "erotic science" sections of the Kama Shastra (which were becoming harder and harder to find).
7) The history of the Kama Sutra is interesting, as is the background of the three Shastras - go learn about them. Maybe I'm too dense, but I didn't learn much about history by reading the original text.
8) The Kama Sutra tries to explain all sexual practices, even those that are not recommended or are forbidden. Vātsyāyana felt it very important to be complete. Which I can get behind.

*(unless you are an ancient Indian scholar, of course.)