This volume provides the first complete overview of the career of a unique figure in the postwar American artistic vanguard. Tony Smith (1912-1980) may be best known for the monumental sculptures that he began to create in the 1960s, but he was in fact a multitalented experimentalist. Published in conjunction with an exhibition opening at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, in July 1998, this book presents not only Smith's sculpture but also his paintings, drawings, and architectural projects, both realized and unrealized.Robert Storr traces Smith's career from the 1950s, when he associated with the leading Abstract Expressionists, especially Jackson Pollock, to his later work in the company of Minimalist and Post-Minimalist artists. Smith was an articulate theoretician and gifted teacher, and many excerpts from his writings and letters, as well as interviews with him, create an absorbing portrait of a vibrant period in American art.