The local church is not a gathering place for perfect people. It is an assembly of redeemed sinners, submitted to Christ and under His authority, each of whom are a work in progress. It is also a place for the infirm, the sick, the brokenhearted, and the disabled to worship the Lord in community alongside their fellow saints. Tragically, many churches will not ''suffer the children'' They prefer the efficiency models of the modern world as opposed to the biblical pattern of inclusion. In this message, Kevin Swanson shares the moving testimony of the way the Lord has transformed the heart of a local church through their decision to include special needs children during the worship of the meeting of the local church. He explains how the challenges, interruptions, and difficulties have actually produced a community of love, patience, and understanding. Only when Christians learn to "suffer the children" will they experience maturity and the richness of God's blessing on their worship.