The 12 chapters in this novel are essentially short stories held together by the title character.

Constance becomes an amateur criminal in Chapter 1 by forging cheques. At length she has to leave town for a while. In subsequent chapters she finds herself helping people who are good at heart - like herself - yet have become amateur criminals. Constance makes it her mission to help these people get back on the right track, even though at times she is forced to break the law to do so.

Each chapter features new characters, with only Constance and the crooked detective Drummond appearing in each one. Constance and Drummond unintentionally keep crossing paths. Constance has to use her sharp intelligence to keep ahead of him. She remembers everything she reads and uses her knowledge to her advantage.

The story is set around the time of its 1914 publication and it is at a time when new inventions and police procedure are coming into force. Fingerprints, for example, are just becoming a tool for tracing criminals.

Some chapters I enjoyed, others I thought were okay, and a couple I wasn't keen on. The character of Constance kept me interested.