This installment of Insomnium takes another break from the author’s usual pattern.Firstly, he uses backstory of the female protagonist Gin, and secondly, he tells the ongoing narrative in a non-linear fashion.Although they break from his “pattern”, they both work rather well.And, thinking about it, as far as Insomnium’s episodic structure is concerned, the author doesn’t really have a pattern! … He just goes ahead and does what the heck he likes … and you know what?Without fail, he makes it work!

More important than this, however, are the emotional aspects of this installment.We see, through Gin, some excellent explorations of guilt, remorse, regret, and forgiveness.Although the resolution could be criticized as overly-simplistic, this, in my opinion, would be cynical nit-picking, because it is, essentially the “sweetness” of this piece that gives it its heart.

Of particular note, is the excellent the author captures sibling rivalry, and the inherent aspects of childhood.

As always, Zack’s writing is relentlessly creative.This is a fantastic series and I can’t recommend it highly enough.