AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA. Okay. This is the world's first computer-generated graphic novel, and the pages at the end about how it was made are really interesting. There are screenshots of the 1988 Mac OS! Ah, memories. That said, obviously you pretty much have to ignore the art, or at least your expectations need to be pretty firmly set with "1988 computer graphics." Which gets us to the story.

Allow me to repeat myself: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.

This has all my very favorite Tony plotlines! A sentient suit THAT WRITES HIM LETTERS. I would like the collected letters of the Iron Man suit, please and thank you. Also, Tony is like 70 and has had a stroke but keeps himself young with the help of shooting some addictive youth-keeping drug, but that drug also dulls his feeeeeeeelings. I can't even, you guys. I can't even.