Laura has got a new pair of pink jelly shoes which she absolutely loves. Her brother, Scott, falsely tells Laura that her lovely pink shoes are actually made out of real jellyfish. Laura hates jellyfish, she thinks they are really smelly and can give a nasty sting so she throws them into the sea. The story then goes on to show the reader how her opinion of jellyfish change and how she along with Scott actually work together to save the baby jellyfish from being squashed on the sand.

This story can be read by children aged 7-9 in guided reading as they can independently express the different tones of voice. The story is interesting as it demonstrates to the children that their opinions of things they may not initially like can easily be changed. The topic of jellyfish can be discussed further as a whole class where children can talk about its habitat. The children can then research in groups more interesting facts and create short presentations. This will link together many different subject areas such as science as well as literacy and ICT when creating their presentations.