Jump into the next adventure with johnny and Jenséa in Book Two of this series in this heart –pounding plot that encompasses the brightest and darkest realms of existence. johnny, a seductive, vampiric, magical, time-bending being is compelled to incite chaos all over the earth. In love with Jenséa, a human Angel, who is compelled to create harmony on earth), he is weakened by minimizing his destructive exploits for her sake. His choice is to perish . . . or—to reclaim his full power. And if johnny regains his full power, what will he do with his Angel? And what will he do when he has an opportunity to destroy earth and rule another world? An Angel's touch can be quite powerful, but it remains to be seen if it is powerful enough to prove love true, stabilize chaos, and save the earth.
Told from johnny's point of view, Book Two delves deeper into johnny’s world as he confronts his heritage, while on the ride of a lifetime through unpredictable twists and turns with supernatural beings in a mystery unfolding. johnny reaches for the stars (literally) with one hand, and drags his human angel along with the other into time-space dimensions and dark experiences she'd prefer to forfeit. But as johnny would say, "ah, to play the play." This story elicits laughter, tears, and heart warming enlightenment in the face of violence, in a world of nightmares, with a touch of love.