JESUS: HIS NAME AND HIS TITLES. What's in a name? Everything, says Dr. Roddy Braun in this book which blends his unique training and experience from years as a professor of biblical languages and as a parish pastor into a powerful but practical study of the names and titles of Jesus. Included are Messianic king, Son of God, Son of Man, Servant of the Lord, and the Word of God and a separate chapter on the meaning of words and names in the Bible. The result is a study which describes Jesus, perhaps not as we think He should have been, but as Jesus and the New Testament writers saw him: as a man - but more than a man - whose nature and mission is best decribed by delving deeply into the Old Testament background of the One Who called himself simply "the son of man". Quotations from the creeds and hymns of the church make this book not just an intellectual exercise but a devotional experience as well.