Detailed coverage of home-office tax laws and IRS rules Comprehensive information on deductible expenses Keep your records up to IRS standards Sample tax forms for easy filing

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The desire for independence, the rise in personal wealth, and, most significantly, the impact of the Internet have dramatically increased the number of home-based businesses. Along with this rapid growth comes a host of tax issues. This revised and updated edition of J.K. Lasser's perennial guide answers home-based business owners' questions, with a special focus on the changing tax laws and home-office deductions. Avoid costly mistakes and missed opportunities with the latest expert information offered in this invaluable resource.

Critical coverage will help you:

Navigate the details of the new tax laws and IRS rulesIncrease your knowledge of deductible expenses Keep your records up to IRS standards Organize and run a home-based business for maximum tax benefits Make filing easy by utilizing sample tax forms

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