Kennedy historian William Rice picks up the torch where researchers like Aubrey Mayhew and the great Edward C. Rochette left off in the 1960s, shining new light on the life of President John F. Kennedy. He explores the Kennedy family; JFK's boyhood; his military service and early political career; his inauguration and presidency; Jacqueline and the children; life in the White House; the president's assassination; and the world's mourning and remembrance. The story is told through touching and insightful essays illustrated by hundreds of coins, medals, tokens, stamps, and other collectible memorabilia - some popular, like the silver 1964 Kennedy half dollar, others rare and seldom seen. Special sections discuss subjects like satirical and critical pieces; Robert F. Kennedy and Teddy Kennedy; the Peace Corps; and paper currency issued during the Kennedy administration. In addition to colorful historical images and narrative, the book's scholarly appeal is expanded by a foreword by Dr. Gerald J. Steinberg, appendices, notes, a glossary, bibliography and full index. Collectors will benefit from the catalog numbering system and market prices in various grades.