Books four to six in the bestselling John Purkiss action thriller series, together for the first time in one collection


A retired British Intelligence operative, Frank Wyatt, has surfaced as a research scientist at a remote outpost in the bleak, inhospitable tundra of north-eastern Siberia. But there’s strong evidence that Wyatt was a double agent working for the Soviet KGB and its successor organisation, the FSB... so what is he doing at Yarkovsky Station? John Purkiss is sent to investigate.

In the guise of a journalist, Purkiss arrives at the research station and finds himself among an eccentric group of personnel, many of whom appear to be harbouring secrets. His attempts to delve more deeply are met with increasing degrees of suspicion, hostility and outright obstruction. And during a field excursion into the tundra, an attempt is made on Purkiss’s life.

When a member of the station’s personnel is brutally murdered, and the communication links with the outside world are sabotaged, Purkiss and the rest of the staff are trapped hundeds of miles from human contact, in an atmosphere of growing mistrust, intrigue and danger. After more killings, and with a deadly team of Russian military closing in on the station with orders to terminate both its operations and its personnel, Purkiss is forced to confront not only his human enemies, but also the terrible, primal power of the tundra itself...


On a grey morning in October, a Turkish Airlines flight explodes over Germany minutes after taking off from Frankfurt Airport. All 184 passengers are killed.

As the world reacts with outrage to this act of terrorism, John Purkiss, hunter of rogue spies, finds himself responding in a more personal way.

His employer, mentor, and friend, Quentin Vale, was on board the flight...

Cut off from his usual support system, Purkiss goes on the run, the target of a deadly assassin known as the Ferryman who will stop at nothing to achieve his aim. With assistance from his old ally, the damaged and unstable Tony Kendrick, and two unexpected - and possibly untrustworthy - other sources, Purkiss uncovers a terrifying conspiracy called Cronos, which is intertwined inseparably with Purkiss's own past, and which leads him via the Cycladean islands to Athens for a last, nerve-shredding showdown.


n a remote location on the Scottish coast, a prisoner exchange is taking place in the dead of night. An exchange so secret and so politically sensitive that only a handful of people know about it.

The exchange is sabotaged in an armed attack, and both prisoners disappear.

One is a Russian professor of physics.

The other is one of Britain’s most notorious captives. A traitor who, almost three years earlier, came close to triggering war between Russia and NATO.

His name is Richard Rossiter.

John Purkiss is sent to hunt Rossiter down. For him, the mission has a personal element. Rossiter corrupted Purkiss’s fiancee, Claire, more than half a decade earlier. And he was instrumental in her death.

Once before, Purkiss spared Rossiter’s life. This time he won’t make the same mistake.

Purkiss finds himself in an uneasy alliance with a CIA agent and a Russian FSB operative, neither of whose motives he can fully trust. As they close in on Rossiter, it becomes clear that his escape was made possible only by leaked information from an insider.