Gary McCord has been playing the PGA Tour for the last twenty-three years, and broadcasting with CBS Sports for the last ten. His success in tournaments has been, shall we say, mixed, but not so his success in television. "McCord is the most entertaining golf commentator to come along in years, " says The New York Times. "Quick, knowledgeable, colorful and irreverent - a talented and very smart man." During all those years playing and talking, "a number of strange and interesting things have transpired, " h admits, and he brings some of them to us now, along with his unique greens-eye view of the world of professional golf: the Tour, the personalities, the culture, the very sights and smells. In these pages, you'll find people named Norman, Pavin, Watson, Mickelson, Daly, and Nicklaus, but also the legendary mentor Mac O'Grady, who teaches McCord how to "become the ball" a little to literally; Fairway Louie and Unemployed Lloyd, denizens of the semi-mystical San Luis Rey Downs; and a combat-booted man named Demon, who provides an unforgettable pairing in the U.S. Open qualifer. In these pages, "The Range" weaves its magic; the British Open its spectacle; Qualifying School - "golf's version of hell week" - its terror; and the Masters - well, of course, McCord has a thing or two to say about the Masters.