I am currently reading several local children's books suitable for live storytelling. This is because our book club here on Goodreads called Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books will hold a storytelling session with less-fortunate children as our audience at The Museo Pambata (Children's Museum) on May 25, 2013. We will also serve the children some food and leave this book, among many other titles, with them. So I need to know which three books are the best ones for storytelling for me to include them in our group's poll.

This book, Just Add Dirt was the winner of the 2010 Best Reads for Children in the National Children's Book Awards. It was my first time to encounter this National Children's Book Awards so I bought this book yesterday and read this today.

Entertaining story?

Yes, it is short and direct but nothing extraordinary.

Moral lesson?

Take a bath at least once a day. Obey your parents.


Oh yes. Taking a bath once a day here in the Philippines makes a lot of sense.


Not much effort was put in it. Too ordinary.

I am not sure if there is water in the depressed areas in the city that will make it possible for the children to ask their financially-challenged parents to bathe them everyday. Also, soap and clean clothes may not always be available. So, I guess this book may not be the best book for our storytelling event.