I finished my first manga series ever! But seeing as how I've never wrote a review for it, I'll summarize its story a bit. It's about this seemingly perfect girl who only acts perfect because she loves to be flattered. She holds up this facade of hers and is always number one in her class... that is until she gets to high school where she meets this boy.... who is even more perfect than she is and beats her out for the number one position. She starts to panic and works even harder to regain her status but through some unfortunate circumstances, her perfect image slips and is revealed to him. She's forced to do his work or he'll reveal her for who she is— a shallow and conniving girl— but somewhere along the way, she ends up falling for him. He already likes her for her imperfections.. and eventually they both promise to let go of their facades and just be themselves. Thus begins this love story as our heroes are forced to face their real selves that they've been hiding. They have to also deal with the people who only see them as perfect and now are being told that it was only a ruse. Along the way, more characters and their stories are told as the heroes start making real friends and opening themselves up.
This manga series was awesome.. because it encourages you to be yourself despite how imperfect we may be. It's about facing our pasts and our histories to be able to face the present. I'm a little sad that I'm finished with the series... but it was a good while it lasted.