One big detracting factor from an otherwise enjoyable set

What I appreciated about the Kit books: Like the original American Girl doll books (more on this later) after the story of each book there is a "Peek into the Past" containing a few facts about the era using the story read as a springboard. There are also pictures of people/artificats/etc from that time.

The stories are engaging and age appropriate. You don't have to worry about inappropriate words or other content.

The illustrations are well done and throughout the books.

What I did not like: These stories are set during the Great Depression. Instead of telling a story without making policy calls, the author is decidedly on the side that FDR is awesome as is everything he did. The one character who takes issue with FDR's policies is mean, crotchety, tightfisted, unreasonable, and generally unlikeable. I believe there is good reason to doubt the effectiveness of some of FDRs programs and policies and believe it unfair to paint such a stark, unreasonable picture of those dilemmas to such a young audience.

Kit is the first American Girl doll made after the Pleasant Company sold out (hence my distinction between the dolls before Kit & the ones following & including her) . I cannot help but wonder if the stark political inclusion shows a shift in who was managing things. Original dolls still sometimes touched on political issues, but I believe they were better handled and more age appropriate.

Personally, I have no interest in any of the dolls& their stories after the original ones. When I have tried one of the newer sets I have been disappointed.