Kitchen Princess is about a girl named Najika who has an extremely positive an upbeat personality.She has been admitted at Seika Academy’s Special Class because she has a talent in cooking.Through various adventures and mishaps she struggles to find her way along with the help of Daichi and Sora Kitazawa.

I read this series on a whim; I was really into cooking at one point. It is cute and fun, just pure enjoyable reading. I was delighted to find out that there are even recipes for what she makes in the back! I am totally going to try them.

Najika reminded me a lot of the Fruits Basket character Tohru Honda, having a love of life and everyone/everything around her even though tragedy has clouded her past.Najika is selfless and always that first one to offer a helping hand.

I also like how this manga has a direction of where it is going and a direction for the characters to take. They know what path they want to go and what goals they are searching for. It is one of those manga stories that seems to be really inspirational to me and inspires me to go and try to find out what I want to do with my life.