The sweet first embrace of a woman… the sudden realization that the kiss isn’t the same, the touch isn’t the same… this collection explores the fantasy in five wonderful encounters that will leave you breathless.
Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexuality and includes first lesbian sex, lesbian seduction, and more. Therefore, only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.
1. Danielle in the Dorm Room: A First Lesbian Sex Experience by Angela Ward
I think I started falling in love with my college roommate the moment I first saw her. She was beautiful and sweet and elegant and kind. I kept my affections to myself because I wasn’t sure how to approach her and I certainly couldn’t imagine that she’d return them. So, I was surprised when all of my fantasies came true one evening in our dorm room. It was my first lesbian experience with a girl I’ll cherish forever.
2. When Celia Seduced Me: A First Lesbian Sex Experience by Connie Hastings
My roommate and I were at a party, and one of the questions for a party game involved sex with someone of the same gender. It was embarrassing since I was the one who had to answer. Later, Celia talked more about it and before I knew it, she was kissing me! Things got crazy from there, and I had my first ever lesbian sex!
3. Tasting Tara: A First Lesbian Experience Erotic Romance by Nycole Folk
I was surprised my best friend Tara wanted to spend her twenty-first birthday with me. After all, she was a celebrity, a genius, and far more in demand than I was. I learned, though, that my best friend had a deep and powerful loneliness, and in all of the years I’d known her, I was the only one who made it go away. I was stunned, but I was even more stunned when she kissed me.
4. Janice, Sweet Janice: A First Lesbian Sex Experience by Sarah Blitz
When I saw my roommate sleeping with a man, I couldn’t get the image out of my head. What was really surprising was the way what really turned me on was how I was thinking about Janice. I’d never been with a woman before, but she could tell something was up and before I knew it I was right in the middle of my first lesbian experience!
5. Roses, Ribbons, and Rita: A First Lesbian Sex Experience by Amy Dupont
I was captivated by Margherita from the start. She brought remembrances of the Old Country back to me, and when she showed up at my door with an authentic meal from Tuscany, I knew we’d be fast friends. It was while we ate hazelnut crepes that I learned she was interested in a special kind of dessert with me, and I couldn’t have hoped for a more beautiful first experience with a woman.