One hot August afternoon, Geremy and his neighbor but not-quite-friend, April, are sitting in the vacant lot, feeling bored.All the other children have already gone home, so there aren't enough to play the usual games.Then April announces that she's going to blow the biggest bubble in the world.Geremy is certain she can't do it, so he's amazed to see the green bubble grow and grow.Overwhelmed with jealousy, he lifts his cat, Fluff, toward the monstrous bubble, assuming her sharp claws will pop it.But he's in for a big surprise!

Readers of all ages will enjoy traveling with these next-door-type characters on their out-of-this-world adventures. Land of Another Sun is a story full of surprises and excitement and the meaning of friendship.

Illustrations:Cover plus black and white, pen-and-ink drawings by the author, one at the beginning of each chapter.